Trigger Warnings

Let me be clear: trigger warnings are necessary in order to create a more just, inclusive society. Even the most cursory study of human history shows that we are a species almost consistently enduring or recovering from some form of trauma. Giving other human beings the benefit of a single moment’s notice to decide if they are capable of engaging with content that is not merely volatile, but actually damaging, is literally the least we can do. We all deserve to be treated with humanity. This is but a start.

With that being said, please be aware that I write frankly and sometimes graphically about grief, loss, mental illness, abuse, sex, and many other subjects that can be extremely triggering. Nearly every single one of my posts could potentially be a trigger. I will try to put content warnings on posts that I feel specifically require them, but I tell you right now: I will miss things. Please, PLEASE be gentle with yourself while reading. And if I’ve missed something, no matter how long ago it was written, please let me know. You can comment, tweet me, FaceBook message me, or use the contact page. I want to help you protect yourself from triggers, and offer whatever kind of support I can.

In return, I would like to ask that you do me a favor and remember that I am writing about my own experiences here. I write to get these things out of my head, where they run on an infinite and harmful loop. If I’ve missed a trigger warning, or if I am talking about something damaging, please remember that I am writing about my own pain. My struggles. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to claw my way to the computer and release whatever I’ve been keeping inside. I need support too. We’re all just trying to do the best we can.

Thanks for your patience, and for reading.